I’ve been fascinated by the complexities of human experience ever since I can remember.  The archetypal themes in mythology and comparative religion spoke to me early on, and have remained a base for my understanding of people.  Studying Cultural Anthropology as an undergraduate at Grinnell College left me with an inclination toward seeing every part of a system as having its own important purpose - a perspective that still influences my thinking about individuals and families today.  After taking some time to explore artistic pursuits, I chose to return to graduate school to become a psychotherapist.  I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Smith College in 1989.

Returning to my native Colorado, I began working as a clinician in a treatment facility for adolescents and their families.  Working at all levels of care (outpatient, school, residential and inpatient), I gained a wealth of experience and a deep compassion for the struggles and challenges that kids and their families can face.   After a few years, I took a position as an Interventionist, or school-based therapist, with the City of Boulder, working first at New Vista High School and then at Arapahoe Ridge High School.  I loved the Intervention model and appreciated the opportunity to meet with students whenever they wanted to talk, rather than on a specific schedule.  However, I had begun to take on private clients in 1999, and I left my job as an Interventionist in 2006 when my practice became too busy to do both. 

My approach has changed quite a bit since I started out professionally.  Beginning from a Jungian, depth perspective early on, I studied psychodynamic and family therapy theory while at Smith. I then came to value brief, solution-focused therapy interventions while working in agency settings.  My own experience being a mom brought my focus to attachment theory, and my own benefit from EMDR helped me see the necessity of integrating a trauma focus, even with clients who experienced a fairly normal childhood and family experience.  Currently, I am inspired by therapeutic theories that focus on attachment experience and its effect on memory, and by therapeutic strategies that enhance information processing and neural integration to provide a greater degree of emotional flexibility and positive mental health.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in the mountains and playing music with friends.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Addictions Counselor III

Certified EMDR Therapist

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