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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Addictions Counselor III

Certified EMDR Therapist

3393 Iris Avenue, Suite 205

Boulder, CO 80301


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I bring a warm, direct style, a quick sense of humor and an optimistic perspective to my work.  I value diversity in all aspects of a person’s or self-expression and relationship choices.  I work with men and women, couples and families, adolescents to older adults, around a variety of issues. 

Common issues include:

  1. mood concerns, such as depression and anxiety

  2. communication and intimacy struggles, common stuck areas for couples

  3. parenting challenges, related to a child’s emotional or behavioral struggles or to changes in family structure, such as adjusting to a separation or divorce or blending families

  4. grieving, coping with a break-up or loved one’s death, or with major transitions like a move or job loss

  5. lgbtq concerns, as they affect individuals, couples and families

  6. addictive behaviors, including eating issues, sleep disruption, compulsive overexercising, heavy drug, alcohol or internet use, or other forms of self-sabotage

  7. stress, feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day demands

In addition, I’ve developed specialties in the following areas:

  1. couples -  I work with couples to deepen intimacy and improve skills for navigating  and resolving conflict.   I bring an active, even-handed style and years of experience to my work with couples who are struggling with, among other issues, a recent infidelity, disparate financial styles, unfulfilling sexual intimacy and dismissive communication styles.  For several years I studied intensively with Stan Tatkin, whose Psychobiological Approach to Couple’s Therapy, PACT, brings the most recent research in neurobiology and attachment to help couples achieve a secure-functioning, fulfilling relationship.  At present, I am training in and appreciating EFT, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, an extensively researched short-term couple’s therapy method that focuses on broadening each person’s ability to respond when they or their partner is in distress. 

  2. parenting - being a parent is certainly one of the most emotionally demanding things we do in our lives, and therapy can help clarify and resolve emotional issues that get in the way of parenting effectively.  In addition to helping with common practical challenges like creating sustainable daily routines and setting limits, I help clients resolve deeper emotional issues that may manifest as anxiety and overprotectiveness, irritability and short-temperedness, pervasive sadness or guilt, perfectionism and holding oneself to unreasonably high standards, or persistent second-guessing in parenting decisions.

  3. young adults - I work with high school and college-age young people to manage common life stresses, such as overwhelming academic and extracurricular demands, shifting relationships, and quick-changing moods.

  4. postpartum depression and anxiety - I facilitated the New Mom’s Connection, a support group for moms of newborns, for over ten years, and I have worked with many new moms individually to help ease this amazing but difficult life transition.  I work on a practical level to help stabilize and support parents in adjusting to having an infant, adding a second or third child to the family, or juggling a return to work.

  5. addiction - I help clients identify a plan, arrange a support network, desensitize triggers and urges, and develop coping strategies so that changing a problematic behavior is achievable and sustainable.

  6. EMDR - Conceived as a method for treating trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a powerful method that helps shift negative self-states and access resiliency.  I am also trained in Brainspotting, a related and similarly helpful method for changing long-standing stuck behaviors.